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It is actual Dye Sublimation, and the internet is full of information, take a look at the wiki page here, for more in-depth details.

So how does this affect me, or you for the matter. Simply put I can print out a graphic on special dye sublimation paper, wrap this paper around a mug in this instance and heat it up. The dye turns to gas, enters the porous surface it is held against and over a period of time the process completes. You remove the paper quench in cool water and the porous surface closes and hey presto you now have an image on a hard surface, like a coffee mug or something similar – I say this as more products will become available over the next few weeks or months.

Here I have taken a 330ml coffee mug, printed out a local view, added a few lines of text and made myself a new mug for the office, I just have to make sure the wife does not run off to her office and leave it there!!

The basics here are, you have a print area of 185*85 – max 190*90 but that leaves no room for placement. You can add anything you like to the print area using a graphics program of your liking, save as a jpeg or photoshop file send it over to me and I shall do the rest.

If of interest you can either contact me via the contact pages, and add your graphic file there, or once the web-shop is up and running you can purchase there.

Enjoy the photos and the video!!


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