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Sports Bottles

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Note: I do not photoshop any of my pictures I use in these posts.

Sport Bottles

I have spent many hours sourcing practical sports drink bottles, the video below mainly focuses on showing the bio-based drinks bottles. However, there are two other types of bottle, Gripper and Soft Touch, all from the same manufacturer and as the name suggests have been sourced within Europe. We achieved our goal, of locating and leveraging a local source of product, their home web site can be found here. I look forward to doing more business with this company in the future. (This post is not sponsored by EuroBottle).

HasseCoach 3 bottles

In the video below a bio-based EuroBottle, has been printed for a local business – HasseCoach.

HasseCoach is a Professional Personal Trainer and Body Therapist, can be found local to Brunna, Kungsängen – his website can be found here, fluent in English, Polish and Swedish and I can recommend his services. (This post is not sponsored by him).

We can print on most plastic based bottles which have a good straight side to them, if you have your own bottles and would like a print services then please contact me.

Print area.

Please see the below image, this outlines the print area. Gripper and Soft-Touch have the same area.

Print Area
Printable Area


I think a minimum order of 10 bottles is good, anything less becomes a time consuming for setting up the printer.


Delivery can be organized via the usual routes, Posten, UPS, DHL or if you are local to Brunna, Kungsängen then a pickup might be a better option.


You can contact me by using the contact page.

And finally the video, enjoy!!

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