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Decathlon Thermal Mug Printing

Quechua Thermal Mug from Decathlon

This was an interesting little project, this mug will be given to a Norwegian Rapper Fred E, as a Christmas Present.

The mug comes from the outlet store Decathlon a few km’s from where JK Print is based, and this shows  JK Print has capabilities to print on third party products readily. All you need is an idea, but contact me with your idea before buying – this is important as you need to understand if we can print on it first. We need to know the size, the material and maybe even a link to the product.

Once we have a general think we will either give the thumbs up to buy or a recommendation to find another better suited product.

Don’t forget we can cut vinyl, print on vinyl and cut, we can sublimate print and if needed screen print.

Below is a video of the printing, hope you enjoy – I’m not the best video editing person in the world, but hey I’m trying and I hope it gives you a good overview on what we do.