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Egg Box Printing

A project which will evolve in the coming months, and I feel that as this work continues I will use a screen printing technique or at least try screen printing to see if it will offer any advantages over UV Ink Jet Printing.

These are 6 pack egg boxes

I have also made a long youtube video showing me making the jig, another learning process and maybe considered a little too complicated. However you have to try and customer is waiting, so on we went. Video below.

The outcome is a successful print work, both myself and the customer are happy with the results.

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Decathlon Thermal Mug Printing

Quechua Thermal Mug from Decathlon

This was an interesting little project, this mug will be given to a Norwegian Rapper Fred E, as a Christmas Present.

The mug comes from the outlet store Decathlon a few km’s from where JK Print is based, and this shows  JK Print has capabilities to print on third party products readily. All you need is an idea, but contact me with your idea before buying – this is important as you need to understand if we can print on it first. We need to know the size, the material and maybe even a link to the product.

Once we have a general think we will either give the thumbs up to buy or a recommendation to find another better suited product.

Don’t forget we can cut vinyl, print on vinyl and cut, we can sublimate print and if needed screen print.

Below is a video of the printing, hope you enjoy – I’m not the best video editing person in the world, but hey I’m trying and I hope it gives you a good overview on what we do.

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Today, or should I say at the begining of November I printed on several candles for the Deepavali festival, or festival of lights.


A quick little video, this one is printing on a candle for the Deepavali festival or festival of lights.

The candle is a Dollar Store example, art work and text provided in a Vector PDF file, however something like this can be a JPEG file.

How to? You measure the height and the circumference and that gives you your template to work with. Open your favourite photo editor software make an image to that size and start editing.

Save your art work and send it to me with your order and I’ll get the work printed as soon as I can.

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It is actual Dye Sublimation, and the internet is full of information, take a look at the wiki page here, for more in-depth details.

So how does this affect me, or you for the matter. Simply put I can print out a graphic on special dye sublimation paper, wrap this paper around a mug in this instance and heat it up. The dye turns to gas, enters the porous surface it is held against and over a period of time the process completes. You remove the paper quench in cool water and the porous surface closes and hey presto you now have an image on a hard surface, like a coffee mug or something similar – I say this as more products will become available over the next few weeks or months.

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Heat Transfer Vinyl.

Söder Softball large

JK Print can provide a wide range of vinyl products. Here I have selected to show a clothing job, Söder Softball coaches needed to brand themselves and we were asked to provide a solution.

Söder Fastpitch Softball
Söder Fastpitch Softball

Using heat flex vinyl, we completed the cut files and send this to our Summa Cut machine, weeded the cut vinyl and used a heat press to transfer (bond) the vinyl onto the jackets. The missing step being making sure this text was level across the back of these expensive jackets – with vinyl heat transfer you get one chance, and that’s it.

Söder Fastpitch Softball
Söder Fastpitch Softball

Outcome, was great happy customers and more important, great looking jackets.

Söder Fastpitch Softball
Söder Fastpitch Softball

As with most services size or area is a consideration when it comes to pricing, the larger the more expensive. Also consideration to complex shapes versus plain text. Plain text is simple to size, produce a cut file and transfer, unlike complex shapes. Something to think about.

Below is a short video of the process, enjoy!!

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Sports Bottles

HasseCoach Header image

Note: I do not photoshop any of my pictures I use in these posts.

Sport Bottles

I have spent many hours sourcing practical sports drink bottles, the video below mainly focuses on showing the bio-based drinks bottles. However, there are two other types of bottle, Gripper and Soft Touch, all from the same manufacturer and as the name suggests have been sourced within Europe. We achieved our goal, of locating and leveraging a local source of product, their home web site can be found here. I look forward to doing more business with this company in the future. (This post is not sponsored by EuroBottle).

HasseCoach 3 bottles

In the video below a bio-based EuroBottle, has been printed for a local business – HasseCoach.

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Beer Bottle Printing

Beer Bottle Printing

Beer Bottle Printing? I have naturally started to use our printer to mark up my beer bottles so I know what the contents are.
There are two printing methods, with and without primer. In each case the print is on the surface of the glass. The difference is the bond strength towards the glass. I personally don’t use primer and I have no issues with regards to washing, sanitation, filling, storing and cooling of the bottles. Yes as with most items if you are rough then the ink will come of. Much harder if you prime the glass first.
The question to ask, do I want to reuse the bottle and print them up again, if the answer is yes, then maybe no primer is in order. To remove the ink, soak in hot soapy water for five minutes and use a “wire wool” scrubber. Sometimes you need to use a little force but it does come off and leaves no residue.

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ikea candle holder

Just finished a print job of candle holders, and very smart looking they are too, I have printed an example using JK Print and text, love the white on dark grey background (very close to being black). My preferred file types are jpeg, adobe photoshop, adobe illustrator, better yet Adobe PDF Vector – if plan text then word or plain txt file – let me know what font, size, colour and styling you would like.

My thoughts are that any person who has access to a computer should be able to create and supply the “art work” required for this awesome product.

I just think these make awesome gift ideas –

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