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Beer Bottle Printing

Beer Bottle Printing

Beer Bottle Printing? I have naturally started to use our printer to mark up my beer bottles so I know what the contents are.
There are two printing methods, with and without primer. In each case the print is on the surface of the glass. The difference is the bond strength towards the glass. I personally don’t use primer and I have no issues with regards to washing, sanitation, filling, storing and cooling of the bottles. Yes as with most items if you are rough then the ink will come of. Much harder if you prime the glass first.
The question to ask, do I want to reuse the bottle and print them up again, if the answer is yes, then maybe no primer is in order. To remove the ink, soak in hot soapy water for five minutes and use a “wire wool” scrubber. Sometimes you need to use a little force but it does come off and leaves no residue.

Some example photos below, I enjoy plain white text as it pops naturally against the brown shine of the glass.
I purchased the bottle from BryggBolaget here in Sweden and I use two different sizes. 330ml and 500ml I am not sponsored by the business, but I can recommend them.

Beer Bottle Printing


Minimum order will be a box of bottles, i.e. either 28 or 20. either way 300kr per box.
Per bottle 20kr single colour, no primer, add 5kr for primer per bottle.


I can either organise delivery or if you are local to Brunna, Kungsängen then a pickup might be in order.


Contact me here and let’s start talking.

Beer Bottle Printing

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