JK Print is owned by Cross Atlantic AB. Org nr 556866-4899.

JK Print’s mission: Enabling Small Business, goes against the mainstream trend of thinking big and acting bigger. Small businesses drive the local economy, but their size and limited buying power make them an expensive target group. Does this mean their needs should be ignored? We answer with an emphatic No and have set out to prove this with our business concept.

JK Print is a family-owned business. What started as an idea for a single product grew almost imperceptibly until before we knew it we were implementing a comprehensive business concept. We are small business ourselves, and we understand your needs.

We have both a FaceBook and YouTube page, which we try and update with ideas, on hopefully a regular basis. Please feel free to contact JK Print via our contact page. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

JK Print is owned by Cross Altantic AB, Org nr 556866-4899.